Avoid Office Anarchy

office equipment

Is this a scene you could imagine in your office? It might be time to look for new office equipment... Going into your search with some key information will help you find the right device to prevent a mob of angry employees from taking a bat to your printer. There are several questions that you can answer to help you pin down your equipment needs.

Whether you want a copier, printer, or an all in one multifunction unit, these questions can help you determine your specific needs:

How Many Users?

Can your printer handle tons of jobs without wreaking havoc? Office equipment specs include things like time, volume, and monthly output. Over or underestimating your needs is easy to do, so begin by determining how many users will be on a single unit. For example, a desktop printer might work just fine for low-volume printing by one or two users, but may not be sufficient for five or more users.

Which Functions are Needed?

Nobody wants to jury rig your office equipment to get their job done. This question can help you differentiate your need for a standalone versus a multifunction printer. If you only need to print, a printer is probably fine. If, however, you would like to be able to scan and make copies as well, a multifunction would be more productive than standalones. In addition, many units offer finishing options or other options that might make a big difference in your day to day workload.

What are Your Tech Needs?

Employees are enabled to do their job when you've given them the right technology. This question encompasses a couple of key components. First, determining whether or not you will be connecting it to a network creates a set of requirements. Second, if you use or intend to use mobile printing, you'll want to ensure your new equipment supports it. Narrowing down all of your technology-based requirements is important: you want your new device to work with your infrastructure.

Any Other Must-Haves?

Think ahead! What will your office look like in a year, and will your equipment be up to the challenge? This may include security features, the ability to track usage, or anything that you might need for future office growth.