3 Ways to Enhance Your Prints With the Xerox Iridesse

The Xerox Iridesse is taking the print world by storm. By combining revolutionary technologies, speed, and ease-of use, it’s an incredible tool for designers and print professionals. Here are three ways you can use this digital press to enhance your prints.

1. The Power of Six Colors

The Xerox Iridesse introduces the ability to combine traditional (CMYK) printing with up to two specialty inks at the same time. This six-color system expands the palette and allows for many high-end embellishments in a faster digital printing environment. This also allows you to add metallic effects and textures.

2. Amazing Resolution

In addition to expanded color, the resolution offered by the Xerox Iridesse is nothing short of astonishing. The Iridesse combines three components: 2400 x 2400 dots per inch imaging resolution, 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit rendering resolution, and a special toner formula for each CMYK color to bring more shades out of each.

3. Automated Processes

A print speed of 120 pages per minute in a single pass is enough to simplify most workflows, but the Xerox Iridesse doesn’t stop there. This digital press can automate physical finishing functions like folding, trimming and even stapling. The Xerox Iridesse is versatile in many ways. And its enhancement applications are a tremendous advantage to the consumer and client.