4 Ways Document Management Saves Time

Document management services take the hard copy files in your office and convert them into digital documents that are secure, accessible from anywhere, and easy to search.

There are many reasons why businesses everywhere want to go digital, because document management can save time, money, and cut inconveniences.

Learn About Instant Print Kiosks

As every computer user knows, printing and copying can often be a challenge – especially when you're on the go. Xerox has come up with a solution in the form of the Instant Print Kiosk. The kiosk utilizes high-speed cloud connectivity to allow you to print, copy, fax or scan while you're out and about.

The Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity Plan: Your Employees

The Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity Plan: Your Employees

Businesses large and small are keenly aware of the need for enhanced IT security to protect their organizations against the threat of cybercrime. They do their best to avoid data breaches, especially considering that it could take more than 190 days to even determine that a breach has occurred, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Little do they realize that the data threat they face isn’t a virus that inched its way through a spam filter or a faulty firewall. Employees are the real data breach threat most IT security departments face.

How your Printer can be Extra-Safe in 2019

Network printers are an appealing target for hackers as they may store sensitive documentation, and in some cases, the same data security measures used to keep networks safe are not applied to them. Xerox is leading the way in keeping your printer safe from Cyberthreats.

3 Tech Trends You Need to Know

As digital office technology evolves, everyone’s day to day work evolves with it. Soon, employees will engage with artificial intelligence to enhance projects and processes or use blockchain to safely and securely share information.

What tech trends might make their way into your everyday life? Here are three you need to know:

Advance Your Digital Transformation

You've probably heard the term "digital transformation," but what does it actually mean? In short, it's the ability of companies and organizations to digitize their daily business doings, processes and procedures through high-technology, cutting-edge services focused on automation and security. Xerox offers – and excels at – this form of transformation through its new services portfolio that features horizontal and industry-focused services.

4 Tips for Fostering Innovation in Your Small Business

4 Tips for Fostering Innovation in Your Small Business

Starting a small business is a huge step, and fostering a work environment that inspires innovation is a key part of achieving success. To get your business not just off the ground, but soaring, follow these small business tips.

1. Upgrade Outdated Technology

One of the biggest barriers to innovation in small businesses is outdated technology. Modern technologies are designed to foster teamwork and improve performance. Take advantage of these options.

How To Use Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Printing?

How To Use Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Printing?

With the capabilities of artificial intelligence being sensationalized by Hollywood, many take an antagonist approach to AI. The truth is, AI is slowly taking over the business world, but in a good way.

Helping businesses make smarter decisions faster and automating highly manual processes are just two of the ways AI makes business better. One of the industries that can benefit from using AI is commercial printing. From more relevant marketing materials to faster print times, here’s how AI can impact print shops.

3 Ways to Improve Your B2B eCommerce Experience

The internet is booming, and executives are taking advantage of buying products online. Improving the online shopping experience for business executives can increase your sales and leave you with happier customers. eCommerce is here to stay. Here are three ways to improve the experience for your customers.

Easier Procurement Process

Automating the procurement process gives your customers the ability to order the products they need at their convenience. Customers can see their purchase history, who ordered and maintain control over the process.

Two Steps To Finding The Right Audience For Your Business?

Many new business struggle with brand identity. In an attempt to attract potential customers, they end up casting their nets out too wide, creating product offerings for individuals who are unlikely to purchase from them anyway. Rather than identifying and specializing in what their customers want, they overextend themselves hoping to pull in larger numbers. This, of course, can have the opposite effect by not only pushing the true fans away but also not being attractive enough to bring in those who were previously on the outside.

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