How To Use Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Printing?

How To Use Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Printing?

With the capabilities of artificial intelligence being sensationalized by Hollywood, many take an antagonist approach to AI. The truth is, AI is slowly taking over the business world, but in a good way.

Helping businesses make smarter decisions faster and automating highly manual processes are just two of the ways AI makes business better. One of the industries that can benefit from using AI is commercial printing. From more relevant marketing materials to faster print times, here’s how AI can impact print shops.

Mail customizations: using data about the mail recipients, print shops can automatically customize mailings and create more relevant content.

Job routing: AI software can monitor printing networks and route print jobs to printers based on workload and availability.

Optimizing layouts: smart algorithms can figure out the best layout for each print job to minimize the amount of paper waste.

Network monitoring: AI software can monitor printers to identify issues such as paper alignment and ink levels that would impact print quality.

Data mining: the software can collect data which can be used in predictive analysis to help identify when software updates and other fixes are required and alert the appropriate parties before a printer breaks down.

Overall, automation in the printing industry helps to simplify even the most complex jobs. As a result, printers can handle larger volumes, perform with higher quality and deliver with improved job turnaround times.