The Importance of Paper-Reducing Workflow Solutions in Finance and HR

Perhaps one of the primary factors that blocks workflow in Finance and Human Resources is the build up of paper documents. Digitizing paperwork can provide a number of workflow solutions to make a company’s archive of documentation more accessible, efficient, secure, and green.


A Finance department relies on invoices. Digital invoices save on average about 40 percent in processing fees than paper invoices. For large businesses that issue thousands of invoices in a year, digitizing could mean a tremendous cost reduction. Beyond that, 90 percent of digital invoices are paid on time and 70 percent are paid early. For paper invoices, those numbers are 65 and 9 percent, respectively. It can also take paper invoices up to 10 days longer to process than digital invoices, which can lead to financial backlog.

Human Resources

In Human Resources, paperwork often defines the recruitment and on-boarding process. Stacks of filing cabinets take up space storing hard copies of contracts, benefits packages, training certificates, changes in personal information, etc. Not only is this an inefficient use of space, but it often leads to an inefficient use of time spent searching for documents manually. Digitizing in HR can make use of centralized and accessible cloud storage, save costs of paper and printing, and maximize the company’s green status.

Finding effective workflow solutions starts with identifying the way your company uses paper. When you understand the needs that each paper process fulfills, you can best select a digital system to start cutting costs and increasing productivity.