The Innovator of Modern Printing

Xerox is the most popular and widely used printing company. In the history of the business, there have already been large innovations made to the world of printers. Nowadays, as technology continues to advance, there are more innovations coming from Xerox.

Waste Free Products

Xerox wants to commit to waste-free products. With print technology growing, it’s important to think about the environment. Xerox was the first to use recycled paper and to have automatic two-sided copying and printing. The idea is to meet the requirements for environmental performance.

Digital Printing

Printing has advanced a lot in the last couple of decades. Now, there are even more opportunities for growth. Consider metallic and color inks to make standout prints. Premium printed effects are not only something for the future; they are something you can have now.

Functional Printing

In the future, you may begin to see active functional inks. These inks would change color or structure due to factors such as temperature. You may even see printed electronics that enable sensing. Print providers could deliver analytics for a greater value.

Xerox continues to be one of the most popular and innovative printing companies. With waste-free products, new improvements to digital printing and new functional printing, Xerox continues to lead the future of printing technology.