Tuesday Tips: Tech Tools to Help You Digitize Your Office

Tech Tools to Help You Digitize Your Office

More and more businesses are digitizing their offices. You might be looking for solutions to help you cut the expense and carbon footprint of producing paper records. To digitize your office, you will need software solutions that provide easy-access storage, organized document management and mobile options.

Tuesday Tips: What Can Monitoring Your Print Fleet Do For You?

What Can Monitoring Your Print Fleet Do For You?

Your business runs on information, and much of that information is vital. The tools you use to convey and store that information are the backbone of your company, and as such, they require some upkeep. Monitoring your printers, copiers and other equipment can save you money on the back end via your managed print services, and save you time and trouble in the short-term.

What Can Go Wrong?

Proper monitoring by your managed print services (MPS) provider can mean the difference in hours or even days of lost productivity. The problems that could be avoided include:

Tuesday Tips: Easy Investments for Smart Businesses

Easy Investments for Smart Businesses

You should know that investing in your business is a smart idea, but very often people associate this idea with expensive infrastructure updates or expanding the workforce. Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Today, investing in your company’s software can be a smart and relatively inexpensive decision.

Tuesday Tips: Get More Work Done with Mobile Solutions

Tuesday Tips

It’s no secret that the Internet, smartphones and other advances in technology have changed the way we live our lives. These advances have greatly improved the way we work as well.

With mobile printing solutions from Xerox, you can get more work done even while you’re away from the office. Here are some ways your business can benefit from these products.

Tuesday Tip: Increase Your Efficiency With Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

To survive in today’s competitive business environment, you need to get as much work done in as little time as possible. You need to have streamlined, reliable processes in place so that you don’t spend excessive time or resources on particular tasks.

Xerox’s workflow solutions can help you operate at maximum efficiency. You’ll be able to significantly shorten turnaround times on print jobs and avoid costly mistakes.

Tuesday Tips: Securing Your Office With Xerox Technology

Securing Your Office With Xerox Technology

In a world where data security is more important than ever, it’s a relief to know that the multifunction printers in your office can actually help you with this task. Using Xerox technology, such as ConnectKey, you can get the peace you mind you need easily. Here are two of the ways this technology can help you.

Integrating Mobile/Tablet Technology With Your Printers

Integrating Mobile/Tablet Technology With Your Printers

If you use desktop printers on a daily basis to take care of your business needs, then you’ve probably become frustrated with the lack of technological advancements in recent years. If you’re anything like millions of others across the globe, your work extends beyond the computer, to tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Unfortunately, most multifunction printers aren’t compatible with these devices, meaning you have to take several extra steps to get your work in print.

Tuesday Tips: How Has Managed Print Revolutionized the Print Industry?

How Has Managed Print Revolutionized the Print Industry?

The biggest way managed print services have changed is that printers these days generally come with a variety of functions. They no longer simply print. In fact, they can do almost anything, including fax, scan and copy. They can do a lot more based on what apps you get, and there are numerous ways this change has influenced businesses all over the country.

Tuesday Tips: What’s New With Xerox Devices?

What’s New With Xerox Devices?

In 2017, Xerox launched a line of 29 new multifunction printers specially designed to take care of the needs of small and growing businesses across the globe. While there are certainly thousands of small business printers out there to choose from, these new releases are quickly becoming the top pick for operations everywhere thanks to the many excellent features included in their design.

Tuesday Tips: What’s Better than a Smart Printer?

What’s Better than a Smart Printer?

Xerox just launched a new line of printers and copiers that are directly connected to the cloud. Now you can access your company’s apps and documents straight from your devices. This enables your company to be simple, secure, productive and mobile. For most offices, these are key traits of a successful office environment.

So, what are these devices actually capable of?

The ConnectKey portfolio allows you to set up personalized workflows, mobile-readiness, and intuitive user-experience.

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