Key Questions to Ask a Managed Print Provider

A high quality, well-respected managed print services provider, can help your business in ways you may not have imagined. Managed print services can get your budget in order, increase sustainability, save time, boost productivity, and improve employee morale. 

Partnering with the right team is critical for this to work out. First of all, you are trying to fix a print environment that may be out of hand, breaking down, and expensive. So you need a team that is known for getting companies back on track with good print habits, predictable spending, and accurate supply counts.

You may find it surprising that some organizations – up to almost 90% actually – don’t know what they spend on print. This makes a good print provider with a reliable product a significant benefit to your organization.

The Basics of Managed Print

Managed print is a service that oversees all aspects of print, from supply ordering to user data. 

What to Ask

How much does it cost?

Also, in this part of the conversation, you’ll want to address how your costs will be analyzed, if there are any percentage costs to discuss, what the regular payment is, and how you’ll be charged based on actions.

How much will it save me?

Based on printer and copier servicing, invoices, printing habits, and your print audit, the company should be able to come up with an estimate for what the service will cost, and how much it will save, based on the data pulled with your original costs. 

Ready to Roll with Managed Print Services?

Get in touch with us to ask these questions. We are happy to work with you and find what you need. You’ll know you’re getting the most bang for your buck and working with a quality team.