Improve Office Productivity

Improve Office Productivity

Your office technology and equipment can help you to improve your office workflows. No longer creating bottlenecks in your processes, office equipment integrates your documents, mobile devices and cloud solutions for a streamlined and efficient workflow. Xerox solutions help you work smarter! Here are a few ways:

  • We manage your devices and provide support so your administrative and IT teams can focus on their priority tasks.
  • A remote control panel allows us to provide real-time training and support.
  • There is one-common interface for all of your devices, so you don’t spend time learning and adapting to each one.
  • One print driver for all of your devices saves you time and energy with the Global Print Driver.
  • Use your multifunction device with cloud services like SharePoint or Dropbox for simplified processes for storing and retrieving documents.
  • Print from any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer).
  • Create searchable or editable documents straight from your multifunction printer.
  • Online support center allows you to quickly solve any issues.

Increasing productivity is simple with Xerox products and services. Take advantage of these benefits now!