Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact | American Business Center

Most business are trying to take environmental responsibility into consideration their with operations, policies and procedures. Going green does not have to be a huge undertaking for your business. Thankfully, Xerox is an industry leader when it comes to helping businesses reduce the environmental impact of their day-to-day printing workflows and output. 

Reduce Environmental Impact with Xerox

Xerox helps to reduce waste and limit the energy and resources spent on your print processes. 

  • Energy Star Certifications
  • Earth-Smart technology to set your device to operate as efficiently and environmentally conscious as possible (prevents skipped pages, duplex and multiple up)
  • Transition businesses from highly paper dependent to digital and electronic capable
  • Xerox Solid Ink technology reduces waste by 90% in comparison to traditional cartridge-based technology
  • Xerox packaging is highly recyclable

Taking steps to reduce your organization’s environmental impact is key for businesses that rely heavily on paper, printing and copying. Adjust your settings, reduce your usage, move toward cloud technology, and switch to multifunction devices.