Printing Apps that Make Business Easier

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What does your business run on...really? If you do a deep dive, the answer is likely technology and communication.

In recent years, there have been huge improvements in technology and communication in-office solutions, especially in the printing world. Technology and communication come in many forms. Here, we're covering print environments and printing technology combined with the new, advanced communication of apps that streamline workflows with your printer - especially Xerox ConnectKey applications.

Xerox Gets You Ahead with Effective Printing

How are Xerox printers so effective? By easily integrating into your network and then leveraging the connection with applications that match up directly with desktop functions - like QuickBooks and many more - to adapt your materials before anything gets printed.

The main outcome is, of course, huge savings on print and a reduction in print waste. But there are so many more benefits to getting on board with top communications.

Xerox ConnectKey Apps: The Essentials

Your Xerox ConnectKey apps can enable you to work from the cloud and use simple connector apps to track reports, make changes, and submit for quick processing. You can also scan and print directly with simple apps that allow you to use Word and Excel from anywhere.

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Xerox machines, applications, and office equipment create a functional operations base that will help your business be more efficient and productive. Ready to make the move and invest in productivity? Let us help - American Business Center has you covered.