Tuesday Tips: Building a Technology Transition Plan

Building a Technology Transition Plan

A major reason why office technology stagnates in many buildings is due to potential disruption. Employers do not want employees to temporarily not have access to certain devices while they are being swapped out. However, new technology can be a huge asset and improve office productivity in the long run. Anyone wanting to bring new devices to an office needs a solid plan.

Be Honest

First, you want to make it clear to employees why this new technology will be an asset. It is also a good idea to try out the new devices on your own, so you can speak first-hand on how easy it is to use.

Provide Training

This may require additional funds, but it is essential to make the transition go smoothly. Have an expert come to the office to train workers on using the software or printers.

Launch at the Right Time

You do not want to bring in new technology when everyone at the office is scrambling to meet an important deadline. Instead, pick a time that is projected to be slow. People will have less to do, so they have more time to dedicate to learning a new skill.

Employees may be hesitant to accept new office technology, but once they try it out, it will become second nature. Make sure you understand why this tech is necessary and how you stand to benefit for years to come.