Tuesday Tips: A Guide to Buying a Printer

A Guide to Buying a Printer | American Business Center

Here are a few tips on getting started in the printer buying process. Consider these points when beginning your research:

  • Inkjet vs. Laser: Depending on the output, type of documents and number of users an inkjet printer may be best for you. They typically can print any kind of document, but are slower. For organizations with more people and a higher output, a laser printer may be best.
  • Features: Multifunction (or all in one printers) make a lot of sense for most offices, but occasionally it makes sense to have a dedicated printer that doesn’t get tied up in scanning, faxing or copying projects.
  • Network connectivity: Being able to print from networked devices, whether they are laptops, tablets, or smartphones, can hugely impact productivity and convenience. Wi-fi printers are becoming more common and widely available.
  • Feed tray size: If your organization has a high output, it makes sense to invest in a printer that has a larger paper tray. This way someone won’t have to be continually restocking the supply.

Buying a printer doesn’t have to be a difficult project! Contact us today to figure out the best piece of equipment for your office that will help you to satisfy your business needs.