Numbers Behind Managed Print

Managed Print

Managed print services are an increasingly popular way for companies to cut costs and reduce their environmental impact simultaneously. For smart business leaders, managed print represents a productivity boost and an efficient way to do business.

There are many statistics to support this idea, the facts making a compelling case in support of managed print services.

Managed Print Services by the Numbers

If you're researching managed print services, you've no doubt heard less concrete claims like "cost saving" and "enhanced productivity." But you may still be skeptical: can managed print really accomplish all of that? And how?

Here's a look at the numbers behind the claims of managed print services. This is the reality when a business enters a managed print services contract.

1. The average company saves $1M on total printing costs. That's 30% of their total hardcopy costs before managed print services and an astounding number. Managed print services accomplish this through reduced resources waste, less time drain, and higher productivity.

2. Companies reduce their total carbon emissions by up to 60%. Many businesses don't realize the drain on energy that their printer fleet and other print-related operations represent. By adopting a managed services approach to printing, you'll see a significant drop in print-related emissions.

3. The managed services sector is growing over 25% every year. That's an astounding rate of growth, and it's not without reason. More companies than ever are embracing the need to outsource in order to specialize in their own core business.

4. 70% of all managed print services are on-going, customer-centric engagement. Reluctant business leaders who have yet to adopt managed print services tend to view managed print as just an assessment of fleet size or a new cost-per-copy billing method. Managed print is much more than that, however. In fact, 70% of all managed print services fall into the following areas:

  • Vendor return services calls (usually within a few hours)
  • Next day service response time
  • Device installation and upgrades
  • Help desk services
  • End user training
  • Remote and on-site monitoring of devices

Print management is smart business. Consider it's benefits.