What You Should Know About Energy Star and Your Equipment

What You Should Know About Energy Star and Your Equipment

All companies should care about sustainability, and a great way to achieve that is to invest in Energy Star-approved multifunction printers and other devices. When you see an Energy Star label, you know that product has blazed past industry standards.

What Is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a program started by the United States’ Environment Protection Agency. The program is designed to help businesses reduce the amount of waste produced. To aid in this effort, some products carry an Energy Star label. The standards for earning the label vary by appliance.

Get in Front of Security Threats

Get in Front of Security Threats

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical issues facing organizations today. Some threats come from abroad when international hackers attempt to disable networks and disrupt service. Others are found closer to home, as local devices commonly plugged into the network become systemwide vulnerabilities. To stay in front of security threats, many companies now place a greater emphasis in copier, document and printer security.

How Your Printer Can Improve Your Office

How Your Printer Can Improve Your Office

Printers are essential for when documents actually need to be printed out. However, they are capable of much more in today’s age. Without multifunction printers, business owners may fall behind the competition because they cannot take advantage of the following benefits.

Automatic Translation

Some smart printers can translate documents into whatever language you desire. This means if you need half of your pamphlets to be in English and half to be in Spanish, you can accomplish that.

Print on Demand: Your Overlooked Security Asset

about print on demand

Secure documents aren’t particularly secure when they’re left sitting in a printer tray in an open space, accessible by anyone. Not only do unsecured printing practices lead to potential breaches in internal and customer data, but they contribute to waste paper. So what is print on demand, and how can it increase your data security?

Print Only When Authorized

Tuesday Tips: What Your Business Gains From Managed Print Services

What Your Business Gains From Managed Print Services

Technology is giving businesses the opportunity to save money, improve efficiency, and monitor more data. Managed print services allows you to integrate your printers and copiers into your network of smart devices. No longer just receivers, these devices let you examine your productivity whenever your employees scan, copy, and print documents.

Intelligent Tools

Tuesday Tips: What's New in Digital Packaging?

What's New in Digital Packaging?

Digital packaging is soaring. It is expected that it will experience double-digit growth, making up almost half of retail print by 2018. Quality is a priority as packaging is a big part of the online consumer experience. 

How ConnectKey Technology Can Move Your Business Forward

How ConnectKey Technology Can Move Your Business Forward

The modern business environment is fast-paced and organizations may be feeling the pressure to keep up. Manual processes can be the bottlenecks that reduce progress and prevent improved outputs. However, the right office technology may help employees to become more productive. The ConnectKey ecosystem combines hardware, apps and software solutions to improve workflow.


Tuesday Tips: How MPS and Cloud Technology Can Deliver Value

How MPS and Cloud Technology Can Deliver Value

Managed print services could lead to increased productivity for your entire business. Learning more about the benefits that managed print solutions can deliver gives you a better idea about why you want to explore this type of service.

Tuesday Tips: Benefits of Managed Print

If you are using managed print services or considering them, the first step is to learn more about the advantages of this method. This helps you to determine the right steps to take to benefit your business.

Control Your Printing

It is critical that all printing is done quickly and exactly when you need it to be done. This method offers you tighter control and a higher level of security. You will also have more flexibility when it comes to creating a long-term strategy for your company’s printing needs.

Tuesday Tips: Building a Technology Transition Plan

Building a Technology Transition Plan

A major reason why office technology stagnates in many buildings is due to potential disruption. Employers do not want employees to temporarily not have access to certain devices while they are being swapped out. However, new technology can be a huge asset and improve office productivity in the long run. Anyone wanting to bring new devices to an office needs a solid plan.

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