Tuesday Tips: 3 Ways to Lower Your Office’s Environmental Impact

Tuesday Tips: 3 Ways to Lower Your Office’s Environmental Impact

These days, many people worry about their effect on the environment. They want to conserve as much energy and as many resources as possible not only for their own benefit but also for the good of all.

At the same time, businesses don’t want their productivity to suffer. It can be hard to figure out how to become more eco-conscious without spending a lot of time rethinking your processes.

Tuesday Tip: 3 Advantages of Using Scanning Solutions

Tuesday Tips

The advent of scanning, document management and cloud technology has opened up new possibilities for businesses. Now more than ever, companies can distribute information faster and get more work done both in and out of the office.

Xerox can help you manage your documents better and leverage cloud services like Dropbox and Office360. Here are three benefits of using Xerox’s scan-to-cloud solutions:

Easier to Share Information

Xerox’s scanning solutions allow you to scan documents to a wide variety of destinations, including:

Tuesday Tip: 3 Great Benefits of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Without realizing it, your office’s printing expenses can sneak up on you. Wasteful or inefficient printing practices can raise your overhead, overwork your machines and lead to equipment downtime and service calls.

Xerox can help you keep your printing-related costs under control. With Managed Print Services, you can spend less and get more done. Here are three benefits that Managed Print Services has given clients:

Tuesday Tip: Why Use Workflow Solutions?

Workflow solutions

For some people, workflow solutions may not seem especially important or valuable at first.

“I already have processes and procedures in place,” you may think. “I’ve been taking care of business on my own for a while. Why do I need a product like this?”

This way of thinking is certainly understandable. However, workflow solutions can take your existing processes and make them even better. You can find ways of streamlining your activities that you couldn’t see or achieve on your own.

Here are three ways that Xerox workflow solutions can improve your business:

Tuesday Tip: 3 Ways Document Management Helps Your Business

Document Management

There’s a saying: “When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s easy to forget you came to drain the swamp.”

In your workplace, the alligators don’t have tails and huge jaws. They’re the documents that lurk in your filing cabinets. They can eat up your time, money and energy as you struggle to organize them or search for some crucial piece of information.

Tuesday Tip: 3 Tips for Improving Security on Your Office Printers

Printer Security

Companies can spend a considerable amount of money protecting their information. That money can go towards everything from security guards to antivirus and document management software.

However, many businesses may overlook a potential vulnerability in their networks—their printers.

Tuesday Tips: 3 Great Xerox Products for Working Remotely

Tuesday Tips

Thanks to advances in technology, it has become easier than ever to get work done even while you’re out of your office. Recently, Xerox has released products that allow you to:

  • Produce the information you need while you’re away from your workplace.
  • Protect your information better
  • Collaborate with others easier

Here are three outstanding products for times when you need to work remotely.

Tuesday Tip: Frequently Overlooked Costs in Your Workplace

Tuesday Tips

Some costs in your workplace can sneak up on you. They can build up while you’re in the middle of your daily tasks and devour more and more of your budget. These are a few commonly overlooked expenses you should watch to improve your productivity.

Excessive Printing

Research indicates that printing-related expenses can constitute as much as 3% of a company’s budget. This percentage—which can represent thousands of dollars—can be driven up needlessly through wasteful printing practices. These can include:

Tuesday Tip: Take Your Documents Digital

Tuesday Tips

Some organizations can take a certain comfort or sense of security from handling paper files. In a way, this makes sense. After all, people have used physical documents of some form or another for centuries.

However, that sense of security can prove deceptive. Thanks to technological advances such as document management software, converting your paper documents to electronic formats can help ensure that things run smoothly in your office. Here are some reasons why you should consider going digital with your documents.

End of Year Tuesday Tips #4: How to Boost Productivity in the New Year

Tuesday Tips

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. They tell themselves that they’ll do things like exercise more, eat better, stop smoking or learn some new skill. The same basic desire lies at the heart of all these resolutions: People want to make themselves better.

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