How to Get the Exact Office Copier You Need

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If your office is ready to purchase equipment, upgrade to increase productivity, or you're ready for a new style of machine, you definitely want to make the most of your investment. You'll want to do some basic research within your company to know what you need, understand what's available in the market, and carefully select the vendor partner you work with. The vendor that you select is just as important as the equipment you are looking for - since you'll be working closely with both for the foreseeable future. Below, we'll line out a process for selection and key considerations to guide you through the process.

Selecting Your Vendor Partner and Equipment

Let's start with understanding your office needs. Before you purchase, you'll want to take an inventory of the following in your organization:

  • How do employees use the machine?
  • What would help improve productivity in your office? This may be features, technology, etc.
  • What are your security requirements?
  • How does traffic flow with your office equipment? Can it be improved?
  • What kind of volume and quality do you require?

Talking directly with employees, asking questions about how they currently use equipment, enabling them to do their jobs better, and understanding the workflows in your office will provide essential information for your search. With this basic info, you can start to develop your list of requirements for your copier or other office equipment. Then, you'll move on to select the vendor partner that you work with. This is an important part of the process because the right vendor will work with you to address your needs.

Key Considerations

As you talk to a copier or office equipment vendor, you can ask questions to understand how they will address the following essential requirements that will make or break your partnership. The main priorities to address when you evaluate a vendor is how they will respond to and provide the following services:

  1. Access to Service and Maintenance
  2. Response Times and Reliability
  3. Go-To Service and Support
  4. Contract Evaluation
  5. Ability to address all equipment issues
  6. Efficiency and operations in equipment, vendor, and addressing your office requirements

You'll also want to review your company needs with the vendor to ensure that you are on the same page with what you are looking for. That way, they can help guide you to recommendations that meet your needs instead of requiring you to vet equipment that isn't even meeting your office needs. Then, make sure that the vendor takes the time to go over agreements with you, so you always understand what you are paying for.

In today's world, it's essential to work with a vendor that can address a multitude of needs in your company so that you know you can fix anything with one call regarding office equipment. A technician should be able to fix a variety of issues in one visit instead of constantly rescheduling or calling a contractor. Efficiency goes both ways - in order for your team to be more productive, you need an efficient and competent vendor partner.

Get it Right: Partner with the Best

Your office equipment partner matters when you want to ensure that your needs are met. It's not simple, with requirements for resolution, volume, quality, accessibility, and security often outweighing previous office equipment efforts. American Business Center will ensure that your requirements are met and that your team has everything they need in their office equipment to increase productivity, communicate effectively, and work closely with clients and other employees. Let American Business Center help you set up your office for success. Reach out to the team today.