Tuesday Tips: What Can Monitoring Your Print Fleet Do For You?

What Can Monitoring Your Print Fleet Do For You?

Your business runs on information, and much of that information is vital. The tools you use to convey and store that information are the backbone of your company, and as such, they require some upkeep. Monitoring your printers, copiers and other equipment can save you money on the back end via your managed print services, and save you time and trouble in the short-term.

What Can Go Wrong?

Proper monitoring by your managed print services (MPS) provider can mean the difference in hours or even days of lost productivity. The problems that could be avoided include:

  • Running out of consumables, like ink and paper
  • Incorrect billing of metered services
  • Location issues, like technicians and supplies delivered to the wrong site, and incorrect billing data

What Causes a Problem?

By keeping your monitoring service intact, you can ensure that these and other problems related to print management don’t plague your business. Several actions can result in a loss of connectivity that interrupts your monitoring service. Moving your equipment, a momentary loss of power, a change in the network configuration, or a problem with the network, can all cause a problem.

Your printers, copiers, and managed print services work together to keep your business’s vital paperwork flowing smoothly. Keeping your monitoring services intact will ensure that those systems stay online and working properly.